Savita Bhabhi – Episode 48

Savita Bhabhi – Episode 48 Stuck in an elevator with a sexy Bhabhi! Working late one night at Kirtu, Savita gets in the elevator with a maintenance man. Suddenly the elevator slams to a hault and they are stuck in a confined space. The maintenance man starts freaking out so Savita must do everything in …


Savita Bhabhi Episode 47

Savita Bhabhi – Episode 47 Savita reunites with an old school crush Savita’s ten year school reunion promises to be a sexy one as she meets up with all friends and old crushes and tries to reconnect with a teacher she had a crush on when she was in school!

Savita Bhabhi – Episode 44

Savita Bhabhi – Episode 44 Starring and Written by a Savita Bhabhi Fan! Ashok and Savita have new neighbours moving in next door. While Ashok and Savita help them move in it is obvious that there is an instant attraction between the two couples that is hard to ignore! This episode is a very special …


Savita Bhabhi Episode 43

Savita Bhabhi – Episode 43 Savita & Velamma In this Savita Bhabhi special episode Ashok and Ramesh have a chance meeting in a bar and hatch a plan to have one night of hot anonymous sex with each others wives! That’s right it’s Savita Bhabhi and Velamma in hot wife swapping action and all in …


Savita Bhabhi – Episode 42

Savita Bhabhi – Episode 42 A mistaken identity fuck can be a lot of fun! After another bout of marital sex where Ashok and Savita continue to explore each others sexy side Savita decides she’d like to look in to a new apartment complex. Once she gets there she is instantly mistaken by an estate …